IBenC Consortium Contributions to International Conferences in Canada and Finland

Representatives from the IBenC project consortium have participated in two international conferences recently, presenting preliminary results on a variety of topics.

In detail, the symposium “Benchmarking Costs and Outcomes of Community Care in Europe” took place at the World interRAI Conference on 11-14 April 2016 in Toronto, Canada, followed by the symposium “Cost and quality of home care for older people in Europe” in the context of the 23rd Nordic Conference of Gerontology on 19-22 June 2016 in Tampere, Finland.

Besides the overall project design, basic information on dependency and care use of the study sample, and the validity of the interRAI Home care instrument for cost of care assessments also clinical and social topics were addressed. Like the importance of comprehensive geriatric assessments for adequate medication prescription, factors that are associated with activities of daily living (ADL) improvement in home care clients and the prevalence loneliness among European home care clients and associated factors. In addition, the first results on job satisfaction of home care professionals were presented.

Funded under the European Commission’s FP7 Programme, the IBenC project aims to identify best practices in community care delivery for dependent elderly people by benchmarking the cost-effectiveness of health care systems. EHMA is involved in the dissemination of findings and results, and will support the process of transforming public deliverables into publishable reports to be disseminated through online workshops and a final conference.

For more information on IBenC, and to find copy of the power point presented, please visit the IBenC website or contact Michele Calabrò, Policy and Projects Assistant at EHMA.

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