The Editor’s Pick – March 2017

by Federico Lega – EHMA SAC Chair and Editor in Chief of EHMA Health Services Management Research Journal

In this new feature Federico Lega, Editor in Chief of EHMA Health Services Management Research Journal, discusses his monthly editor’s pick:

Medical managers’ managerial self-efficacy and role clarity: How do they bridge the budgetary participation–performance link? 

by Manuela S Macinati, Gabriele Cantaluppi, Marco Giovanni Rizzo

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This article addresses a key issue for the management of modern healthcare organizations. The ongoing shift from iatrocracies and professional bureaucracies toward more management-driven organizational model, calling for stronger rather than less engagement from clinicians. Without an effective exercise of leadership by doctor-managers, healthcare organizations struggle in balancing their strategic focus among quality, outcomes, efficiency, and economics.

Further, there are recent evidences that hospitals and healthcare organizations led by physicians perform on average better than those run by managers with a different background.

In this light, the article addresses a key issue connected with the engagement and commitment of doctor-managers in the performance management cycle. And shows how the investment that health organizations do in nurturing the participation of their doctors through specific actions increases the level of their engagement and the consequent accountability for envisioned performances, objectives and changes. A must read for the management of health organizations.

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