EHMA Programme Directors’ Network  – Annual Meeting

by Elly Breedveld and Usman Khan

Post graduate health management programmes lie at the heart EHMA. The academics who as Programme Directors came together to help form EHMA back in 1982 not only believed in the notion of health quality health management, but they also saw the need for stakeholders to work in partnership to support the achievement of such an aim. Thirty-five years on and that focus remains a core aspect of the EHMA work programme.

In February, the Programme Directors’ Network had its annual meeting at Kloster Eberbach in Germany. The group discussed the current challenges and strategic issues for postgraduate health management programmes, as well as a Strategy Paper that was presented by Interim Chair Dr. Usman Khan. A lively discussion followed during which new ways to disseminate the work of the Programme Directors Group were assessed and a new range of partnership activities were outlined. Means to support the further internationalization of the post graduate programmes delivered by the European Universities that form the heart of the Programme Directors Group and the potential to provide opportunities for students to take courses across programmes were just two of the initiatives to be taken forward.

On our second and final day, we were pleased to have Professor Dr. Walter Sermeus (KU Leuven) to present on the subject of ‘Health innovation and the education of (future) leaders in health care’, which gave us much inspiration as to assess how this issue could be incorporated into our health management programmes.

We left with some clear thinking as to how we can develop our post graduate health management programmes and we look forward to the Annual Conference in Milan in June 2017, where we will hold a follow up session to discuss progress and to meet potential new members of the PD Group.

The next Programme Directors’ Network Annual Meeting is planned for the 12th and 13th of February 2018. Contact the EHMA secretariat and know more about how to get involved.

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