The Editor’s Pick – April 2017


by Federico Lega – EHMA SAC Chair and Editor in Chief of EHMA Health Services Management Research Journal

In this feature Federico Lega, Editor in Chief of EHMA Health Services Management Research Journal, discusses his monthly editor’s pick:

Where health workforce governance research meets health services management

by Ellen Kuhlmann, Ronald Batenburg, Gilles Dussault

EHMA HSMR Journal – Vol 29, Issue 1-2, 2016 – Link to the Publication

Although healthcare is more and more characterized by the intensive use of technology, its next future remains strongly connected to the quality of its workforce. The challenges posed by chronic conditions, and the burden set by rare diseases, increasingly call for skilled professionals at all levels. Unfortunately, forecasts done by EU highlight a deficit of one million healthcare workers by 2020.

This scenario opens to new questions on how we’ll manage health workforce planning, recruitment and retention. Further, it seems it’s time to get serious about changes in the skills mix and competencies of the health workforce. Changes that should be driven by needs-based services management approaches rather than by professional interests. This, and much more, is addressed in the paper by Kuhlmann et al. A must read for all that have interest in health workforce and health systems.

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