Promote Prudent use of Antibiotics with the ECDC Toolkit

In occasion of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18th November 2017, EHMA, in collaboration with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, is glad to share with you the ECDC Communication toolkit for professionals in hospitals and other healthcare settings to tackle the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance.
The objective of this toolkit is to support efforts to increase prudent use of antibiotics through dissemination of evidence-based educational and informational materials. Moreover, the materials aim at creating a sense of individual responsibility in tackling antibiotic resistance and at empowering professionals to take action. The toolkit includes: key messages, a checklist for prescribers, factsheets, infographics about antibiotic stewardship, leaflets, letters, posters, presentations and social media cards.

The key messages for this toolkit derived from a thorough review of the scientific literature by ECDC experts and were developed after an extensive consultation and editing process.

Visit the ECDC dedicated page to download the toolkit and do not hesitate to contact the EHMA Secretariat to learn more about this initiative and to connect with our colleagues at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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