On 13-14 February in Kloster Eberbach, Germany took place the EHMA 2018 Programme Directors’ Winter Retreat. As a regular twice a year event, this Programme Directors’ meeting focused on internationalization, accreditation issues, global society, big data and its impact on health care management programmes. Attendees shared their challenges with colleagues, as well as best practices and innovative ideas in their areas of expertise. EHMA has set together with the Programme Directors’ an action plan, which includes many exciting initiatives in the upcoming years.

If you are a Programme Director, then join the next meeting during EHMA 2018 conference and use the chance to network, exchange views and build partnerships.

See what Programme Directors say about EHMA 2018 Programme Directors’ Winter Retreat and why YOU should join?
Maarten Janssen, Erasmus University Rotterdam: “What I like about the Programme Directors’ meeting is that it is a safe environment to share experience and to learn from each other. This is my second time, when I attend this event, and I see that people are working on the same topics, so you are not alone in your struggles and you can learn how others do things just by asking proper questions. Also, one of the main reasons I like to attend this event is the networking opportunities: for example, during the coffee break I talked to one of the colleagues about the study tour we are planning later this year and he will help me to get in contact with relevant people.”

Stephen Brookes, University of Manchester: “I’ve been a member of the group for approximately five years and I’ve always found it a very useful meeting not only in terms of people that we meet, but also the ideas that we exchange and certainly from my perspective as a Programme Director I get a great value  from the discussions here such as the developments of the new programmes from its very beginning to its implementation. Certainly the networking is one of the greatest positives and I think one of the changes for healthcare today is the internationalization of it and the need to understand how healthcare systems differ across different countries- it’s the largest industry in the world and there is not enough exchange of information between healthcare systems and the same applies to healthcare management and healthcare leadership.”

Daiga Behmane, Riga Stradins University : “I like to attend this EHMA event, because it gives me a lot of new ideas about the development of health management programmes, that we run at our University. I like to exchange experience and the best part of it, is to understand that the problems that you have at home are the common problems for other colleagues too.”

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