Join the #EHMAthon 2018 in Budapest – Call for Applications

The #EHMAthon2018 takes place on the 19th –  22nd of June 2018, during the EHMA conference in Budapest, Hungary. The two days hackathon brings together experts in the field of healthcare & technology to brainstorm on a given challenge and evaluate solutions within the given timeframe, while using several problem-solving methodology toolkits.

The challenge for the 1st EHMAton will be “How might we improve healthcare in remote and underdeveloped areas in Europe by leveraging technology and digital solutions?

The EHMAthon is organized by EHMA and Semmelweis University, edUcate and supported by EIT Health, who will cover travel, accomodation & conference fees for the admitted EHMAthoners.

If you are between 18 and 35 years old, studying or already has experience in healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and/or have a strong interest in the field; if you have clear goals, motivation to participate and are able to “think outside the box”, then check for more details and apply here before 20th May 2018.


Visit the EHMAthon page on

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