EHMA @ ‘Health system challenges in small European states – What should the EU prioritize post 2020?’ – Project Dissemination event in Brussels.

On 26th April 2018, representatives from the EHMA Secretariat attended the dissemination event of the project ‘Health system challenges in small European states – What should the EU prioritize post 2020?’.

The is a 3-year project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme, aimed at:

  • Developing and establishing a Jean Monnet network of universities and public health institutes
  • Mapping and understanding the small states’ challenges and opportunities of European integration in health
  • Translating findings into policy relevant messages and educational activities

Malta, Estonia, Slovenia, Iceland and the Netherlands were leading the project network, led by the University of Malta (Institute for European Studies, with the support of the Department of Health Services Management and the Islands & Small States Institute).

The study identified three main challenges to be faced in small EU Member states:

  1. The Small Population – resulting in the inability to provide a better quality or quantity and the inability to provide specialized treatment
  2. The Small Market – that leads to less competition, administrative burden and higher process, as well as lack of consumer choices
  3. Insularity – of research and professionals and governance issues

In addition to common challenges (present and future), strenghts and differences; also highlighted  the positive influence of EU for small Member States, with a particular focus on  in health care workforce mobility, cancer and rare diseases, policy development,networking and cooperation possibilities, and financial support.


To know more about the project, we invite you to read the event’s presentations from Natasha Azzopardi Muscat (University of Malta), Prof. Roderick Pace (University of Malta), and Sylvain Giraud (European Commission):


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