EHMA launches its 2019 Winter School!

EHMA is glad to announce its 2019 Winter School, organised by the EHMA Programmes Directors’ Group, on the theme “Managing Digital Innovation in Healthcare”. The EHMA 2019 Winter School will take place on 5th – 7th February 2019 in Kloster Eberbach, Germany.

Today’s healthcare systems are confronted with new challenges and their managers are facing new pressures. Digital technologies can support addressing some of those challenges; enable better and more efficient healthcare; and wider access to medical expertise. Equally, eHealth innovations are influencing professional business interaction and ways of behaviour. Because education programmes rarely teach how to interact with new technologies and how they are influencing the healthcare systems, it is important for health professionals to gain new knowledge and skills on how to manage digital innovation in healthcare.

The EHMA 2019 Winter School will feature three sessions led by esteemed Professors on the following topics:

  • The impact of digital innovation on health workforce and skill-mix
    by Prof. Dr. Walter Sermeus, KU Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy, Belgium
    The session aims to understand the impact of digital innovation on jobs in the healthcare sector. What will be the impact on new competences and skill-mix? Which jobs will disappear? What will be the new jobs for the future? We will transform current data and future scenarios into a strategic health workforce plan for a health system or an healthcare organisation.
  • A new approach to developing Healthcare Leaders – Taking a global perspective whilst retaining regional and local practice
    by Dr. Stephen Brookes, University of Manchester, UK
    This session will provide a unique opportunity for healthcare leaders to adapt, engage and apply their leadership capability with a focus on the leadership role in promoting and empowering Digital Innovation through an applied leadership challenge grounded in action learning.
  • Teleneurology – Integrating neurological expertise through digital innovation
    by Dr. Axel Kaehne, Edge Hill University, UK
    The session will explore the use of technology in a neurological service facilitating an integrated care model between clinicians across acute treatment centres to increase shared clinical expertise and support clinical decision making to improve patient safety and patient outcomes.

For more information on the EHMA 2019 Winter School, the detailed program and how to register, click here.

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