Executive Director Usman Khan leaves the European Health Management Association to take up new post.

Usman Khan, Executive Director will be leaving the European Health Management Association on April 26th 2019 to join the European Patients Forum (EPF). Usman has been in post for three years and has overseen a major period of change and development. Commenting on matters, EHMA President Professor Federico Lega said:

“On behalf of the EHMA Board, Membership and Secretariat, I would like to thank Usman for his commitment and successful directorship of EHMA during the past three years. With the support of the entire Brussels team, Usman led the organisation through a development period that strengthened EHMA  through new partnerships, activities and a renewed position within the European healthcare associations network. Together with the Board and the Secretariat, we are already focused on the recruitment process for a new Director that could continue make EHMA flourish by building on its recent successes.

We wish Usman the very best at EPF and we are looking forward to use this opportunity for fostering even more our already strong collaboration with the European Patients’ Forum”

Usman made the following comment on his time at EHMA and the new opportunity he is taking up:

“I would like to thank Federico, the Board for providing me with the opportunity to lead EHMA over the last three years and for supporting me and the Secretariat in being able to write a new chapter in the long and illustrious history of the Association. I am very proud of the work that we have all undertaken and would want to give particular thanks to the friends of EHMA who have been so generous of their time and energies in supporting our endeavours and to my team of whom I am very proud. I wish EHMA all the very best for what I know is a bright future.”

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