Book: “Everything you always wanted to know about the European Union health policies but were afraid to ask”

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, along with WHO Europe, published a second edition of the book “Everything you always wanted to know about the EU health policies but were afraid to ask,” delineating what the EU means for health in three stages:

  • Explicit health policy to strengthen care services and systems in areas such as cancer and communicable diseases
  • Internal market-building policies, such as professional and patient mobility, insurers and health care provider regulation, and public policies such as environmental regulation, consumer protection, and labour law
  • Fiscal governance, through which the EU polices member state decisions

The book aims to highlight the EU’s health successes and encourage a wider health community involvement on European health matters. It also aims to educate policy-makers and students of health policy on how EU legislation can help shape health for the better.

Find the complete publication here.

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