Working Together for the Future of European Health Research

On Friday, the 31st of January, FEAM & Biomedical Alliance in Europe hosted an event about shaping the future of European Health Research. The discussion was led by MEP Cristian Bușoi (EPP), MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (EPP), and MEP Petra De Sutter (Greens/EFA). Topics that were covered were as followed:

  • Reengineering clinical research: a focus on converging research ideas into solutions for patients (presented by Prof. Mihai Netea)
  • Added-value of publicly-funded clinical trials: opportunities and challenges (presented by MEP Dr. Petra De Sutter)
  • European Health Data Space: opportunities and challenges (presented by Andrzej Rys)
  • Opportunities for health research in Horizon Europe (presented by Ms. Irene Norstedt)
  • Cross-sectoral round table discussion: proposed solutions to transform EU Health research. Presented by the following:
    • Prof. Roger Bouillon
    • Prof. Françoise Meunier
    • Dr. Magda Chlebus
    • Katie Gallagher
    • Irene Norstedt

The topics sparked engaging debates that involved innovative thinking in addressing the challenges. The main significant difficulty that arose in the presentations is that the health sector requires more research and innovation efforts. The solution proposed was to make a conscious effort to create a better link between services and research. Another piece of the solution that was taken into consideration was cross-border cooperation concerning data, especially for rare diseases, which would perpetuate the research further than before.

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