EHMA Monthly Editorial. Our JULY: COVID-19: Challenge and Teacher

Our July: COVID-19: Challenge and Teacher

Thanks to our webinar series on ‘COVID-19: From viral to containment’ we had the opportunity to share with our members, stakeholders and audiences the experience of experts and partners in relation to the pandemic. EHMA is building a strong community of interest that is aware of the lessons to be learnt by the pandemic in health management and research, procurement, digitalisation and much more. 

This month, we talked about innovative frameworks such as the MULTI-ACT project’s governance model aimed at tackling challenges such as COVID-19 via strong and resilient multi-stakeholder research initiatives. We have also delved deeper into innovation procurement to understand how to put into action a procurement process that is successful and innovative, innovation being a necessity during crises.

Finally, we shared during the L-EAD 2020 Summer School the DISH project’s framework aimed at bridging the gap between digitalisation and digital skills of healthcare professionals (HCPs). Digitalisation in fact, has been accelerated even further due to the pandemic and only a sustainable learning framework can help to empower HCPs and health institutions to use the best eHealth solutions available and benefit patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge, but also a teacher. The lesson to be learnt is that the future will be faster, with more interdependency and thus challenges, more need for innovation and more potential opportunities. We, as EHMA, are working hard to make sure that the health sector and health managers are ready to bear the fruits of this challenging and yet potential-filled future.

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The European Health Management Association Team

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