TO-REACH Final Conference to take place on 20 May

TO-REACH Final Conference - Implementing and transferring innovations across health systems

The Final Conference of the TO-REACH Project, ‘Implementing and transferring innovations across health systems’, will be taking place digitally on Thursday, 20 May 2021 from 10.00 AM CEST.

TO-REACH project* kicked off in January of 2017, bringing together 28 partners from 20 countries including EU Member States, Norway, Canada, Israel and the US. Its overall aim was to do the groundwork of establishing a joint European research programme on health services and systems that contributes to the resilience, effectiveness, equity, accessibility, sustainability and comprehensiveness of health services and systems.

In its role as the leader of the Work Package 6 on Dissemination and Communication, EHMA raised awareness of the project and shared information concerning project progress and outputs with stakeholders and a wider community. Furthermore, EHMA engaged and mobilised stakeholders and the wider community to become active members of the TO-REACH coordination and support action, all the while promoting and disseminating its results and outcomes.

Following five years of work, the outcomes of the project will be presented at the Final Conference.


European health systems have been under incredible pressure, and the COVID-19 pandemic was just the latest symptom of a more profound ailment. To address this situation, a new common vision is needed, one based on mutual learning and collaboration. Such vision is the key to transforming health and care systems and making them more resilient, effective and sustainable. Countries and regions in Europe should learn from each other and collaborate to enable the effective transfer and implementation of health policy and services innovations.

About the TO-REACH Final Conference

With an incredible line-up of speakers, the Conference will present the Strategic Research Agenda and the policy briefs developed by the TO-REACH Consortium. In particular, the project Consortium will discuss health services and policy research priorities, and how to transfer innovations across health systems. The Conference will highlight the importance of collaboration in research and implementation, and reflect on the current programmes and initiatives fostering transnational cooperation in health and innovation.

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*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 733274.

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