iRaise teams successfully complete the programme

On 26 November, the 2021 edition of the iRaise programme concluded with a Closing Ceremony. Over the course of 10 weeks from September to November, the iRaise lecturers and mentors worked closely with the participating teams to provide them with the knowledge and skills essential for the adoption of innovation in healthcare. As part of the programme, the participating teams also met with I3A industry experts.  

iRaise is a hands-on training programme for professionals from healthcare organisations promoting innovation to boost demand-driven, effective and sustainable adoption of innovative digital solutions. The programme targets multidisciplinary teams of professionals involved in innovation promotion and adoption within healthcare organisations, aiming to increase their team skills and knowledge on innovating healthcare processes.  

8 multidisciplinary teams, adding up to 33 trainees, participated in this year’s programme edition, which kicked off on 18 September. During 9 training sessions, the iRaise lecturers outlined the key concepts and steps applying to innovation adoption in healthcare. The participating teams gained practical skills and knowledge needed to define an unmet need, frame a potential solution, and identify adequate vehicles to address the unmet need.  

Apart from the training sessions, the participating teams also had weekly mentoring sessions with iRaise mentors. The iRaise mentors were there to support the teams and keep up with their progress. The mentoring sessions helped the participating teams get a better grasp of the knowledge acquired and a better understanding of how to apply the key iRaise learnings in their healthcare settings.  

An integral part of this year’s learning programme were breakfast meetings with I3A industry experts. These meetings presented the iRaise students with a unique opportunity to interact with relevant actors at the industry level and learn from their experience in adoption of innovation. The industry experts the iRaise students met are: 

  • Dr Lluís Blanch, consultant at the Critical Care Centre of the Hospital Parc Taulí in Sabadell (Barcelona) 
  • Carlos Sisternas, Director of Fenin Catalunya
  • Carmen Aláez, Deputy Secretary General of Fenin Catalunya
  • Javier Selva, Technical Advisor of Fenin Catalunya
  • Anais González Iglesias, from GE Healthcare 

The programme concluded on 26 November with a Closing Ceremony during which the iRaise participating teams presented their work. The closing ceremony also featured a keynote speech by Dr Marc Van Den Bulcke, Head of Service at Sciensano.  

EHMA is one of the 7 partners in the programme. It is responsible for recruiting programme participants and promoting the programme and its values through dissemination and communication work. Additionally, EHMA’s Policy Officer, Ms Emmi Weller, was one of the iRaise mentors in this year’s edition of the programme.  

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