The BeWell project kicks off the development of the future health workforce skills strategy

The BeWell project took the first steps in the development of a skills strategy for the European health workforce. Partners involved in the process met in Brussels on 19-20 October for a two-day intensive and interactive workshop where they discussed the future digital and green skill needs of the health workforce. EHMA leads on the strategy development work both as the project leader and leader of the dedicated Work Package (WP3). 

The workshop aimed to: 

  • Jointly understand the objectives as well as the structure of the upskilling and reskilling strategy for the health sector. 
  • Create a shared vision across the consortium that they can collectively commit to. 
  • Develop a co-owned solid foundation that EHMA, leading the work on the strategy development, can further build on. 

EHMA carefully designed the workshop to truly co-create the first steps of this strategy development process with all partners present at the event. The BeWell project is in fact committed to recognising and leveraging the diversity of cultural, social, political, educational structures, values and traditions of its 29 partners. Only by highlighting and embracing such diversity will the project be able to develop a skills strategy that is relevant and representative of the European health workforce skills needs. Hence the high interactivity of the planned exercises to ensure that all partners’ views are taken on board, and no-one is left behind. 

The work of the BeWell project and its strategy development are particularly relevant in the light of 2023 being the ‘European Year of Skills’. This follows the announcement made by President von der Leyen in the ‘State of the Union’, where she underlined the urgent need for more investments in professional education and upskilling. 

As the European Commission announces to adopt a multistakeholder approach to the European Year of Skills, the BeWell project will continue its efforts to engage a significant range of stakeholders and build a Europe-wide partnership for the healthcare ecosystem. 

Learn more about the BeWell project: BeWell – Blueprint alliance for a future health workforce strategy on digital and green skills (

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