The EHMA 2022 Conference Report

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EHMA is pleased to announce the publication of the EHMA 2022 Conference Report.

The report gathers summaries from the 34 sessions that took place during the EHMA 2022 Annual Conference, including three high-level plenaries, ten partner sessions, and 21 abstract sessions. The report provides a complete overview of the most relevant health management research and best practices; it showcases the discussions around trending and complex topics in health and care; and it sets the agenda for health management for the following year.

EHMA 2022 was our 27th Annual Conference, organised for the first time in Brussels, Belgium in collaboration with the Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy – KU Leuven. It brought together key healthcare stakeholders providing the latest evidence to guide the much-needed transformation of health systems. It supported managers and health systems to excel at a time where the complexity of the challenge ahead is immense.

The Conference ‘From people to systems: leadership for a sustainable future’ explored challenges and solutions to creating sustainable health systems and ways health managers can lead towards them. The program was organised around four tracks that reflect the holistic practice of health management: Governance and Leadership; Management, Operations and Practice; Finance and Economics; and Policy and Regulations. Five topics were also chosen to help steer the focus: People-centred systems; Managing the digital transformation; Workforce of the future; Shaping sustainable systems; and Improving healthcare access, delivery and outcomes.

As every year, the EHMA 2022 Annual Conference attracted research from leading universities, creating space to exchange knowledge on excellent delivery of healthcare and showcase evidence-based practices at the country, systems and organisational level. The conference was abstract-driven and featured research by leading experts on the most contemporary topics on health management.

One of EHMA’s main areas of work has been maintaining a dialogue between policymakers, health managers and professionals, thereby facilitating policy refinement and change. The EHMA 2022 Annual Conference was also an occasion for health managers and professionals to have their voices heard, to connect with decision-makers, and inform policymaking at the European level.

The EHMA 2022 Conference Report was compiled thanks to the EHMA 2022 Rapporteurs who attended and reported on the 34 sessions presented in person at EHMA 2022:

  • Sara Ayse Doguelli, M.A. International Health and Social Management, MCI, Austria
  • Lisa Gietz, M.Sc. Governance and Leadership in European Public Health, Universiteit Maastricht; M.A. Health Services, Economics and Management, Universität Bremen, Germany
  • Anna Kafkoula, M.Sc. European Health Economics and Management, Greece
  • Olivia Rockwell, Master of Public Health – MPH, Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan; Visiting Researcher, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, USA
  • Marcel Venema, Chair – Sustainable Health Systems, European Health Parliament (2022), The Netherlands

Despite EHMA’s and the Rapporteurs’ best effort to ensure accurate reporting, errors may occur. For any corrections, clarifications, or additional information, please contact Evelyn Donohoe, Policy Officer, at

The development of this report is co-funded by the EU4Health Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 101082904. Views and opinions expressed herein are of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or HADEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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