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Integrated care, a challenge for health managers

Around 75% of healthcare spending in Europe is allocated to managing and treating chronic diseases (Cohen, S. B., 2014). Chronic diseases represent a challenge for healthcare systems as several healthcare providers are involved in the care of the patient, ranging

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Is Artificial Intelligence a suitable possibility in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already assisting humans in most of their daily routines, like dealing with emails, getting driving directions, or looking for movie recommendations. But what about AI in the healthcare sector? Is it a cost-effective solution in the long

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Patients at the core of healthcare

Every individual’s passions, interests, and tastes are unique; and so are their health care needs. Personalised care allows professionals to meet patient-specific needs, improving the quality of care, and its outcomes for patients. Furthermore, personalising care represents an efficient and cost-effective healthcare solution to many problems facing patients (Bergmo et al., 2015). Successful treatment and patient satisfaction not only depend on the actual health outcomes but also on the emotional and psychological aspects

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Is qualitative care still a utopia?

Imagine a health system that awards qualitative instead of just quantitative results. Let’s imagine a system where patients’ satisfaction and care quality come first, and costs come second. All of this is not just a utopia anymore, but an achievable reality through the application of value-based healthcare. Value-based healthcare is a delivery model in which providers are paid based

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EHMA 2019 Programme Directors’ Group Winter Retreat

The EHMA 2019 Programme Directors’ Group Winter Retreat took place on 4th – 5th February in Kloster Eberbach, Germany, under the chairmanship of Dr. Stephen Brookes from the University of Manchester. In 2019, the PD Group’s development reached a new

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EHMA Monthly Editorial. Our JULY: COVID-19: Challenge and Teacher

Our July: COVID-19: Challenge and Teacher Thanks to our webinar series on ‘COVID-19: From viral to containment’ we had the opportunity to share with our members, stakeholders and audiences the experience of experts and partners in relation to the pandemic. EHMA is building a strong community

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Join the excellency of health management at EHMA 2020!

EHMA 2020 is the 25th annual European conference on health management, taking place digitally through the lens of Rotterdam on 17-19 November 2020. The theme is “Health Management: realigning systems, contexts and players”. The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is the custodian of the conference, which has been organised this year in collaboration with

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Vacancy – Projects and Communications Manager

Are you an experienced projects and communications professional with experience in the EU environment? An exciting opportunity has arisen to be the Projects and Communication Manager for the European Health Management Association (EHMA) based in Brussels. The purpose of this

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#EHMA2020 – Call for abstracts deadline extended to 1st March 2020

The Call for Abstracts for the EHMA 2020 Annual Conference: deadline is being extended to March 1st!  The EHMA Conference is the perfect place to showcase your research and receive valuable feedback through other European and global health management experts,

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Working Together for the Future of European Health Research

On Friday, the 31st of January, FEAM & Biomedical Alliance in Europe hosted an event about shaping the future of European Health Research. The discussion was led by MEP Cristian Bușoi (EPP), MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (EPP), and MEP

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