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EU Health Policy thematic networks: Please vote for our proposal!

Every year, the European Health Policy Platform hosts three temporary Thematic Networks held by different stakeholders. Along with Health First Europe (HFE), EHMA has developed a joint proposal titled “Profiling and training the health care workers of the future.” Our proposal

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Book: “Everything you always wanted to know about the European Union health policies but were afraid to ask”

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, along with WHO Europe, published a second edition of the book “Everything you always wanted to know about the EU health policies but were afraid to ask,” delineating what the EU means for

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EHMA Report on New European Commission Setup

On 10th September 2019, Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission (EC), presented the candidates for the different portfolios and the new Commission structure. The new Commission will reflect the needs of a rapidly changing European community, a

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Innovation in Non-Communicable Disease prevention for young people

EHMA is pleased to invite you to join a session on “Innovation in NCDs prevention for young people”, taking place on Thursday, 11th October 2018 from 15.00 to 16.30 at The Office in Brussels, Belgium. According to WHO data, each

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Join the 1st Webinar of the joint tender Support for the health workforce planning and forecasting expert network (SEPEN)

If you are interested in Health Workforce, do not miss the launch webinar of the SEPEN expert network. The “Support for the health workforce planning and forecasting expert network” (SEPEN) joint tender is a new action in the field of European

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Towards a sustainable workforce in the European region: a framework for action

Joint EUPHA, EHMA and ASPHER Statement at the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 11–14 September 2017 The European Public Health Association (EUPHA), the European Health Management Association (EHMA), and the Association of Schools of

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EHMA Overview on the Estonian EU Presidency

Introduction On 1st July 2017, Estonia assumed for the first time the Presidency of the EU Council. Estonia is the first country of the new EU Presidency ‘trio’, completed by Bulgaria and Austria, the two Member States that will lead the

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EHMA at the WHO Primary Care Advisory Group in Almaty, Kazakstan – June 2017

  EHMA plays a number of roles in supporting its Members and Member Organisations, one of which is the contribution it makes to European health policy and practice through its membership of international bodies such as the European Commission and

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The 2017 EU One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance

As requested by the EU Member States in the EPSCO Council Conclusions of June 2016, in June 2017 the European Commission has released a comprehensive EU Action Plan on AMR based on the One Health Approach, a principle that recognises

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The Future of European Health Systems

By Sachi Inoue, EHMA Secretariat  *Download the pdf version* Introduction Prompted by the White Paper on the Future of Europe released by the European Commission and other emerging issues related to healthcare, the future of health systems has become an

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