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EHMA YAC Blog – Issue 4 – Curling in healthcare – to facilitate implementation of evidence-based practice

  Knowing how to treat the patient in front of you is not really a problem for healthcare professionals today in the vast information society we all are a part of. The problem is knowing exactly which investigation, treatment or

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EHMA YAC Blog – Issue 3 – Hello Doc! Is there a Nurse in this Primary healthcare facility?

  Nurses’ role in primary care has recently received substantial scrutiny, as demand for primary care has increased and nurse practitioners have gained traction with the public. Furthermore there is evidence which  indicates that primary care services, such as wellness and prevention

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EHMA YAC Blog – Issue 2 – Are we brave enough?

  Greater focus on patients’ individual needs. More collaboration and flexibility. Lesser administrative burden. This sounds good, doesn’t it? Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t sign up for a healthcare system where this is the norm? I don’t think

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EHMA YAC Blog – Issue 1 – Bringing simplicity to complexity

Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing that I have when attending national or international research conferences. A speaker starts with a PowerPoint-slide that has a picture or an infographic about the theme of the presentation. The slide might show how

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