EHMA Webinar: Procurement: Responding to COVID-19


Procurement for healthcare is driven by quality and price, and increasingly by environmental impact. Procurement can stimulate innovation and efficiency in healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting global health product supply chains, affecting key materials and ingredients, finished health products, logistics, shipping and more. Procurement is critical to support frontline services to provide care to patients and service users. Procurement offices have been working under increasing pressure in order to manage the demand for essential goods to support the services through this crisis. For example, the global demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other supplies is unprecedented. Innovation in procurement can bridge this gap as it is not only about innovation for innovation. It wants to help deliver what an organization needs at the right time and at a price that is affordable if the market can’t provide that. How can IP then help concretely in better addressing the COVID-19 challenge?

Please note, the views expressed are those of the EcoQUIP+ project Consortium and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Date & Time

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 12.00PM CEST


Gaynor Whyles

Gaynor Whyles is Director of JERA Consulting; a UK based consultancy specialising in innovation, and is passionate about the role of innovation procurement in improving public services and stimulating economic opportunities.

As an independent consultant in the field of innovation procurement for the UK Department for Business Innovation Skills (2005-2012) she was responsible for developing the Forward Commitment Procurement concept into a practical tool for innovation procurement. She has subsequently initiated, facilitated and managed a number of successful and award winning FCP demonstration projects in UK and Europe and provides expert advice and training in innovation procurement for a number of organisations.

Related initiatives include working with the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to develop joint public-­private low carbon procurement compacts, designed to demonstrate demand for low carbon goods and services and engage industry in dialogue with major customers.

Earlier in her career Gaynor worked as a policy analyst and manager of grant programmes for the UK Science and Engineering Research Council, the UK Research Councils European Office and the World Wide Fund for Nature.


Prof Pere Cardona – Bellvitge Hospital, Spain

Prof Alexander Wilmer – UZ Leuven University Hospital 

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The webinar is free and open to the public. The system used is Zoom.