EHMA Young Advisory Committee Blog

The EHMA YAC Blog, launched in January 2018, will provide you with interesting articles directly from the EHMA Young Advisory Commitee Members. On a regular basis, YAC members will address key health management topics, analysing challenges and sharing fresh views and perspectives.

Occasionally, the Young Advisory Commitee wills ask Young EHMA members to contribute to the blog. If you are interested in contributing, or if you want to know more about the blog, feel free to contact us by email or by dropping a message in the Young EHMA group on the Members’ site (to be launched in January 2018).

Issue 1 – Bringing simplicity to complexity
by Kimmo Parhiala – EHMA YAC – January 2018

Issue 2 – Are we brave enough?
by Vania Ranjbar – EHMA YAC Chair – February 2018

Issue 3 – Hello Doc! Is there a Nurse in this Primary healthcare facility?
by Jonila Gabrani – EHMA YAC – March 2018

Issue 4 – Curling in healthcare – to facilitate implementation of evidence-based practice
by Helena de la Cour – EHMA YAC – April 2018