Events and Trainings

Our rich portfolio of events and training is designed with a view to facilitating the access to knowledge on effective health management for a diversity of healthcare stakeholders, including researchers, academia, health and hospital managers, healthcare professionals, providers, industry, citizens, and policy- and decision-makers.

All our events - from our conference to our webinars - are an excellent platform to share research findings and boost dialogue among our diverse audiences. For each event we organise, we strive to create a fertile ground for exchange and discussion so that research findings can be transformed into practices and adopted in different settings.

Through our trainings, we aim to contribute to the development and improvement of knowledge and training in the field of health management. Our training activities are multifaceted, addressing the most contemporary topics in healthcare and facilitating multi-stakeholder engagement. In all we do, we believe in the importance of bringing together all healthcare actors to ensure knowledge is shared and diverse perspectives are taken into consideration.

Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference is the perfect place for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders to learn from each other, share experiences and debate current complex topics. For over 25 years, the EHMA Conference has brought together Europe’s academia, researchers, health managers, practitioners, and decision-makers to exchange knowledge on innovative practices and excellent delivery of healthcare to ensure the health and well-being of Europe’s citizens and communities.

The EHMA 2023 Annual Conference will be announced soon.

Webinar Series

With our webinar series, we want to bring together all key stakeholders, leaders and experts to share practical advice and discuss the current trends, changes and opportunities in health management. As health systems navigate a wide range of challenges; discussions of this common challenge and its practical implications will intertwine with all the other current topics that are now being discussed in the health management landscape.

You can check out our webinar series and all webinar recordings and resources.

Education and Trainings

Workshops and training activities are available on a wide variety of topics in health management. Our trainings have a practical approach to learning through case study-based discussions, group exercises, and sharing of best practices. While there is some variation from workshop to workshop, nearly all trainings are designed for small groups of 30 participants, multiple professional profiles wherein the common denominator is the search for competencies, skills, and managerial tools.