EHMA SIG – Best Practices in Clinical Process and Innovation Management

This Special Interest Group started working in 2010 and helps facilitate knowledge exchange between health care professionals, politicians and researchers based on best-in-class solutions established in the areas of clinical and administrative management, health service organization and cross-sectoral networks for providing population-oriented medical services.

The SIG is led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff, Director of the Center for Hospital Management (University of Muenster, Germany) and Academic Director of the Center for Health Care Management and Regulation at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany).

This SIG is open to EHMA organizational and individual members; part-time attendance is appreciated, especially renowned experts, leading politicians or successful managers are welcomed to join our annual best practice workshop on the occasion of the EHMA annual conference in order to bring in outstanding expertise.

In line with the EHMA´s wider objectives this SIG is focused on how best practices contribute to leverage medical quality and patient outcome by containing costs simultaneously.

For future conferences we welcome research or practice abstract submissions representing best practice approaches and/or benchmarking results. It is our aim, to discuss innovative concepts pertaining to the following areas of interests:

  • “Clinical Process Management: How to improve clinical workflows”
  • “Best Practices in Health Services Research: Rethinking the continuum of care
  • “Digital Health: How digital solutions leverage patient outcome and process efficiency”

Furthermore, generic benchmarking initiatives are welcome to be presented. In this field it is expected to learn how best-in-class solutions from other industries (e.g. automotive, hotel business, formula 1 racing) can help to achieve an advanced level of medical and economic performance.

Finally, research results pertaining to the subject areas of disruptive technologies, digital health and precision medicine will complete our agenda.

This SIG aims to provide a forum to exchange experiences and to distribute knowledge about successful managerial approaches. The SIG will mainly operate as a virtual group throughout the year allowing members to stay in touch and to exchange information about best practices.


The SIG will have an annual meeting at the EHMA Annual Conference where the future strategy map of the group will be finalized.

It is also planned to roll out an international benchmarking project and site-visit tours to best-in-class hospitals.

To know more about the SIG, please contact us.