EHMA Webinar: Primary care during the COVID19 outbreak


The COVID19 global public health emergency is showing us once again the importance of bringing experts together, exchanging practices and finding common or shared answers to tackle key public health issues. The complex nature of this common challenge and its practical implications is generating unprecedented stress on several components of our health system and requires rapid responses, reorganisation of how care is delivered and novel management solutions. This EHMA webinar on Primary Care and COVID-19 will involve a key speaker and expert with the objective of outlining how primary care settings, typically the first contact for patients within healthcare systems, are reacting to the emergency.  

Date & Time

Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 12.30 PM Brussels time


Antoni Peris i Grao

Dr. Antoni Peris Grao is Manager at CASAP, a public consortium running a Primary Care Team and a Primary Care Emergency Unit, whose aim is to provide a highly resolutive and top-quality primary care health services. CASAP works not only on the clinical side but also on the organisation, leading projects and looking for team cohesion through different strategies.

Dr. Peris Grao is a Medical Doctor with a specialisation in Family and Community Medicine. He holds a Master in Public Health; a degree in Quality Management; and a degree on Primary Care Management. He is a Board Member of EHMA and the Chair of the EHMA Special Interest Group on Primary Care. He is also a member of scientific and organising committees for CAMFIC, EHMA and EFPC, and a member of Bsalut, association for Research on Innovation and Managing in Health Services.


Practical Information

The webinar is free and open to the public. The system used is Zoom.