Addressing chronic diseases and healthy ageing across the life cycle


Introduction to the project: CHRODIS is a European collaboration that brings together over 60 associated and collaborating partners from national and regional departments of health and research institutions, from 26 Member States. These partners work together to identify, validate, exchange and disseminate good practice on chronic diseases across EU Member States and to facilitate its uptake across local, regional and national borders.

Objectives: The objectives include health promotion and primary prevention as well as the management of diabetes and multi-morbid chronic conditions. Health promotion and prevention focus on behavioural risk factor, social determinants and inequalities in health. Work on multi-morbidity focus on multi-disciplinary & integrated care, patient safety and professional training. Diabetes as a case study focus on multidisciplinary care covering the whole range from primary prevention to treatment and addressing national plans.

EHMA’s role in the project: EHMA is responsible for WP3 (Evaluation). Evaluation of CHRODIS will assess the impact of the Joint Action, and incorporate both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Firstly, the evaluation focuses on the delivery of the work, seeking to assess the success of the different work packages in delivering what they set out. Secondly, supported by a selection of identified key stakeholders the impact on knowledge and understanding of the JA and the level of impact on policy and practice will be reviewed.
The work of individual work packages as well as CHRODIS as a whole will be evaluated throughout the course of the Joint Action. EHMA will deliver both interim evaluation reports and the final evaluation report.

For more information, please contact Michele Calabro’ at EHMA.

Project website: For more information on this project, please visit CHRODIS website. Further details available here.

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