EU Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning

Introduction to the project

In the near future Europe will face significant shortages of health workers. Demand, need and supply of the health workforce (HWF) are influenced by multiple factors like ageing population, ageing workforce, rising care use and rising costs in a context of budget constraints.


The Joint Action on health workforce planning and forecasting (from here onwards ‘JA’) aims to improve health workforce planning and forecasting mechanisms, which are recognized as crucial to support evidence based policy and to tackle expected HWF shortages. In particular the improvement of data collections and methodologies in Member States are expected to improve through participation in the JA.

EHMA’s role in the project: knowledge broker network

EHMA is co-work package leader of the dissemination strand of the Action. The main responsibility of the Association is to setup and coordinate the network of knowledge brokers. The network of these knowledge brokers will support the Joint Action and in-country developments related to health workforce forecasting  and planning  by:

  • Acting as source of information to the Joint Action (e.g. the stakeholders analysis);
  • Disseminating of JAs outputs and results;
  • Supporting the development of national platforms with the relevant political personnel to maximize the impact of the JA and health workforce forecasting and planning in general.

More detailed information can be found in this brochure (PDF, 430kb). 

Project website

For more information on the Joint Action, please visit the dedicated website.

For more information, please contact Michele Calabro' at EHMA.