IBenC – Identifying best practices for care-dependent elderly by Benchmarking Costs and outcomes of community care (2012-2016)

The need for cost effective health systems in Europe is imperative in the context of an increasing demand for health care by growing numbers of elderly people and a shrinking working force. Many health care systems are changing and looking for mechanisms to ensure, measure and improve the quality of care. On the other hand it is unclear which models of care delivery are the most cost-effective. To enable lower public spending and advance the economic efficiency of community care organizations policymakers need information on which type of community care delivery provides best outcomes against reasonable costs.


Funded under the European Commission’s FP7 Programme, IBenC aims to identify best practices in community care delivery for dependent elderly, by benchmarking the cost-effectiveness of health care systems, taking into account costs of care, quality of care and organization of European community care organizations.
The novel method for benchmarking community care practices on macro and meso levels on costs and quality of care will improve insight into the cost effectiveness of European health care delivery, and will provide an objective method to identify best practices. In addition the benchmark method will be suitable for (inter)national cost of care comparisons and will be applicable for benchmarking care models in other care settings in the future. The IBenC study will explore the feasibility of the development of an online tool to benchmark cost-effectiveness of health care organizations based on their organizational characteristics. Such a tool can provide easy access to health care policy makers and health care providers to the generated knowledge on cost-effectiveness and organization of European community care.

EHMA’s role

EHMA is involved in WP8-“Dissemination of IBenC results” and will support the process of transforming public deliverables and results into publishable reports that will be disseminated through a website, conferences and events.

For more information, please contact Michele Calabro’ at EHMA.

Project website

For more information on this project, please visit the IBenC website


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