CARMEN Network

(2001-2004 Finished)

CARMEN is the acronym for Care and Management of Services for Older people in Europe Network, a thematic network and supported by the European Commission “Quality of Life and Management of Human Resources” Programme from 2001 to 2004. The project was part of the DG Research Fifth Framework Programme.

The CARMEN project undertook a 3-year cross-national comparison of methods for integrated care, which included methods of assessment and service delivery, new methods of planning care provisions, monitoring, and management of care performance and methods of network co-ordination. In its work the CARMEN project closely examined the fragmentation, common to all the countries involved, which exist between care segments, i.e. acute care, long-term care, social care, housing and welfare.

The dynamics of an ageing population raise many challenges for the European Union (EU) Member States. The CARMEN network has considered these challenges and has explored a range of avenues towards a future with high-quality care, which is sustainable and accessible to the older citizens in the EU. Such challenges are the responsibility of all the stakeholders involved – managers, policy-makers, clients’ organisations and researchers – and these stakeholders have been represented in the CARMEN network.

Participants and Work Packages

The CARMEN project brought together a matrix of forty organisations from eleven different European countries, working in the field of managing services for older people.


The CARMEN project has published the following books and documents to support managers and policy makers in managing integrated care for older people:

  • Integrating Services for Older People: A Resource Book for Managers (ebook)
  • A European Research Agenda on Integrated Care for Older People
  • Advancing Integrated Care for Older People through EU Policy
  • Policy Framework for Integrated Care for Older People
    (A summary of each of the above documents is available in the following languages:
    Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.)
  • Managing Integrated Care for Older People – European Perspectives and Good Practices

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