Introduction to the project

ENGAGED is a Thematic Network that will build a learning community of stakeholders, from different backgrounds and from across different European countries, to nurture the emergence of innovative and sustainable active and healthy ageing (AHA) services that make best use of technology. Stakeholders of the whole value chain will participate. It is a network of networks with 15 partners that come from two backgrounds: they are either specialist EU-level networks active in the field of active and healthy ageing or they are key regional, research and knowledge partners. Each partner brings access either directly or through its members to front-line experience, or they offer key skill sets related to community building, digital engagement, research and analysis.


  • Support the process of community building on AHA with an infrastructure for its effective functioning, notably the “European Community Hub”.
  • Identify and cluster stakeholder networks and experts on common learning topics related to the three pillars of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA), into multi-stakeholder coalitions that facilitate the identification of common actions, sharing evidence and so on.
  • Establish close relationships with the Market place of the EIP AHA and Reference sites, to ensure opportunities for synergies are fully exploited.
  • Convene a series of mutual learning workshops for more in depth exploration of common topics of the action groups of the EIP or for capacity building in less advanced regions on these topics and for raising awareness about the importance of these topics by stakeholders not yet involved.
  • Draw up roadmaps for targeted deployment on these topics and among selected groups of regions as well as processing mapping the journey so that key steps and lessons for deployment are fully captured for wider benefit.
  • Establish a long-term co-operation model for a self-sustaining network.
  • Promote vigorous and healthy growth of the community  by designing and implementing a dissemination and awareness raising strategy

EHMA’s Role

The ENGAGED thematic network is coordinated by EHMA who is in charge of monitoring the execution of the work plan and coordinating the different work packages and ensuring  the correct financial and administrative administration of the project, having responsibility for liaison between the Participants and the Commission and for the administration of the implementation of the Grant Agreement.

Project Website

Please visit ENGAGED website

For more information, please contact Michele Calabro at EHMA


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