PAtient Leading and mANaging their healThcare through EHealth Project


PALANTEIntroduction to the project
Patient empowerment is considered a potential tool to reduce healthcare costs and improve efficiency of the health systems, reinforcing healthcare quality. Patient empowerment has become an element of high priority in the EU health strategy, supported by national and regional health authorities. Building on already existing e-health platforms and services in the participating regions, the PALANTE project focuses on the implementation, scaling up and optimisation of 9 demonstration pilots based on the concept of secure and user friendly online access by citizens to their medical/health data.

The main goal of this project is to empower patients so they will be able to make informed decisions about their health, take an active role in their care and collaborate effectively with their healthcare team thanks to the use of information and communication technologies. The PALANTE Project considers 7 new pilots in 6 countries (7 regions) and 2 additional on-going pilots in 2 other countries. The pilots have been carefully selected to cover different levels of patient empowerment. Globally, the project mobilizes 21 partners in 10 different countries, and 69.550 new users. Pilot teams include public and private partnerships ensuring all the key stakeholders involved in eHealth provision. All the pilots address the issue of patient’s secure access to their own health information. Additionally, 5 of these pilots deal with integrated chronic disease management support, including comprehensive self-learning, education and monitoring systems that will be validated for diabetes, chronic heart failure, severe arthritis and respiratory diseases. They cover a wide range of services with different grade of complexity and thus different number of patients according to each service.

EHMA’s role in the project
Together with project partners EHMA will identify and establish an expert group of key experts and practitioners in each country and provide support to strengthen the effective use of findings in each country. For successful implementation of the groups’ work, it will need to consist of professionals, policy and management representatives from each of the countries. Together with the pilot leaders EHMA will balance the input from different groups.

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Mid Term Conference:
Addressing eHealth Innovation Challenges – Empowering patients. 6 November 2013, Brussels

The PALANTE midterm conference discussed the challenges and opportunities for implementing eHealth solutions in Europe’s regions, caused by shifting relationships between health professionals and patients, trust and accessibility of new devices and systems, and involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation process.
The final programme is available here (PDF, 229kb).

Pictures of the meeting are available here (external window will open).

The following presentations are available:

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