Joint statement on ‘Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future’

In the scope of the European Health Policy Platform (EUHPP) Thematic Network on Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future, EHMA and Health First Europe are pleased to present their Joint Statement.

The statement provides insights into best practices in the health workforce education and a set of recommendations to inform the European Commission on health care workforce education, training, and planning for the future of care, identifying the necessary skill mix and the areas in which greater collaboration is needed.

Read the full statement: Joint Statement on Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future – January 2021

EHMA 2020 Conference Report

The EHMA 2020 Annual Conference on ‘Health Management: realigning systems, contexts and players‘ took place on 17-19 November digitally through the lens of Rotterdam, and it was hosted by the Erasmus Medical Center, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management, and the Ministry of Defence of The Netherlands.

The EHMA 2020 Conference Report features short summaries of each of the sessions that took place at the Conference. The report is arranged by topics to facilitate your access to the insights, research results, and best practices provided by leading experts.

Insights for value-based healthcare – Lessons from the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award

The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award recognises multidisciplinary teams that transform the delivery of health care. EHMA is a founding partner of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program, serving as program advocates, judges and champions of the vision, alongside leading professional societies, institutions, and associations across health care disciplines.

This paper focuses on recognised best practices from the 2019 and 2020 UNIVANTS award cycles, for a total of 12 best practices in 2019 and 24 best practices in 2020. The aim has been to foster scalability, replication and the understanding of the core of each initiative while promoting adoption by other laboratories and by interdisciplinary teams around the globe.

Download and read the paper: Lessons from the UNIVANTS for Healthcare Awards – November 2020

EHMA 2019 Conference Report

EHMA 2019 was the 27th annual conference of EHMA, hosted by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and Aalto University. The Conference, on the theme ‘Health management 2.0’, brought the entire healthcare ecosystem together with universities, researchers, healthcare professionals, hospitals, policy makers and industry for 2.5 days of intensive learning and networking.

The Conference Report features short summaries of each of the sessions that took place at EHMA 2019 and take home messages from the speakers. Read the EHMA 2019 Conference Report here.


How to Deliver Integrated Care – A Guidebook for Managers

We are pleased to announce the release of the book ‘How to Deliver Integrated Care. A Guidebook for Managers’ which is part of the series ‘European Health Management in Transition’. The book is  co-edited by Dr. Axel Kaehne and Prof. Henk Nies and published by Emerald Publishing.

The book introduces service planners and managers to successful strategies to design, implement and manage care integration programmes. It details the various components of change in individual chapters, which are illustrated with practical examples from actual care implementation projects.

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Axel Kaehne and Henk Nies (eds) (2021). How to Deliver Integrated Care. A Guidebook for Managers. European Health Management in Transition Series. Emerald Publishing: Bingley.



Health Services Management Research (HSMR) is an authoritative international peer-reviewed journal which publishes theoretically and empirically rigorous research on questions of enduring interest to healthcare organisations and systems throughout the world.

HSMR aims at enhance communication between academics and practitioners concerned with developing, implementing, and analysing health management issues, reforms and innovations primarily in European health systems and in all countries with developed health systems.

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The journal (HM) is world-wide one of the leading journals in this field. Management, innovation, corporate governance, new techniques and technologies with the objective to simplify healthcare managers’ decision-making process and enhance outcome efficiency are covered amongst others. The contributing partners, who are distinguished health-care specialists, ensure the integrity of the information delivered through both print and digital publications. 
HM is supported by over 100 professional associations and conferences, among which EHMA. It is a valuable resource for healthcare management due to its focus on delivering impartial and factual information on industry issues and best practices in health administration and leadership.