EHMA is involved in several of Europe's cutting-edge research projects, following a long history and impressive track record in managing and participating in numerous projects, often supported by European Commission programmes.

EHMA main expertise relates not only to project management, but also to dissemination of research results. We believe that 'knowledge transfer' - where the dialogue among researchers and target groups is central - is a key issue in strengthening both the validity of the research and the dissemination of results.

EHMA is currently involved in the following projects: BeWell, COVIRNA, EcoQUIP+, EUVECA, HEART, REBECCA and the HaDEA Service contract to identify obstacles to vaccination of physical, practical or administrative nature and develop recommendations.

EHMA is also involved in the European Health Policy Platform (EUHPP) Thematic Network on Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future.

Finally, EHMA sits in several advisory boards, and has been awarded operating grants in the framework of the Health Programme (2008-2013).

If you are interested in partnering up with EHMA on European and international projects, do not hesitate to contact us!