EcoQUIP+ – Delivering Efficiency, Quality, and Sustainability in Healthcare

The aim of the EcoQUIP project is to improve the efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability of healthcare through innovation procurement. The project will make progress towards this aim by creating an ‘Innovation Procurement Leaders Group’ of hospitals that have competence in innovation procurement and the capacity to pioneer new approaches to collaborative procurement. As well as stimulating demand for innovative goods and services and delivering practical procurement outcomes (within the period of the project), it will also serve as a model of best practice for the wider population of some 15,000 hospitals in Europe.

Objectives and Methodology

The objective of the EcoQUIP project is to support public procurers in purchasing new/improved solutions to:

  • Offset the additional risks and costs of innovation procurement
  • Enable collaboration to create a critical mass of demand
  • Test the feasibility and options for a future EU support scheme

For more information on this project, please visit the official website or contact Federica Margheri. You can also follow the project developments on Twitter  and using the hashtag #EcoQuipNetwork

This project has received co-funding from the COSME programme of the European Union under grant agreement No .
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