MOMENTUM – European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice

MOMENTUM was a platform where key players in telemedicine shared their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care. Momentum launched a questionnaire that focused only on telemedicine services which were either running as part of mainstream service delivery (routine care) or which had been discontinued. The data collected enabled MOMENTUM to make public case studies and descriptions of telemedicine initiatives that were working successfully, but at the same time learning from the cases where services had been discontinued.


MOMENTUM was about creating a platform across Europe where key players could share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care so as to build a body of good practice. Working together, they defined a Blueprint that validated a consolidated set of methods supporting the telemedicine service implementation process.

MOMENTUM’s outcome was a vibrant and sustainable network of telemedicine stakeholders. Their responsibilities were to develop and maintain a European Telemedicine Deployment Blueprint to achieve three results:

  • assist countries and telemedicine practitioners in their telemedicine implementations, and validate the work of past initiatives;
  • document the roadblocks – the lack of robust methods to support the telemedicine implementation process is perceived as one of them – that obstruct telemedicine implementation in daily practice;
  • propose a set of policy recommendations: these will help to create the enabling environments needed to accelerate overall telemedicine deployment in Europe.

EHMA’s role in the project

MOMENTUM had, at its heart, building a European momentum for telemedicine to ensure the provision of high quality routine care for EU Citizens. EHMA assisted the MOMENTUM Thematic Network in developing a European Union-wide multi-stakeholder platform.

For more information on this project, please visit Momentum Website and the Momentum Blue Print 

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s ICT Policiy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme under GA n° 297260.
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