PaSQ – Joint Action on Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The EU Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ) was a Joint Action (JA) between the European Commission and the 27 EU Member States. This extensive network brought together the health authorities of the EU Member States, representatives of the European medical community (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and managers of healthcare organizations), patient associations as well as international organizations and the European Commission.

The JA was coordinated by HAS (the French National Authority for Health). With an overall budget of 6 million Euros, the action was co-funded at the level of 50% under the Public Health Programme and run for 36 months, until 31 March 2015.


PASQ facilitated the exchange of information on issues related to quality of health care, including patient safety and patient involvement and established common principles at the EU level through the integration of existing knowledge, experiences and expertise gathered from Member States and EU stakeholders. It facilitated the development of Patient Safety programmes in EU Member States and provided support to those countries less advanced in the field. To do so, it also promoted the involvement of stakeholders through the support in the setup of dedicated national platforms. More specifically PaSQ developed exchanges of MS experiences to improve Patient Safety at the health care organization (HCO) level and Quality of Care at national or regional level.

EHMA Webinar: Hand Hygiene Compliance

A webinar on the safe clinical practices on hand hygiene compliance took place on 18 March 2014. The event was part of the “training of the multiplicators” activity of the Joint Action and counted with the participation of WHO experts to present their multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy as well as presentations of good practices in the successful implementation of this strategy in European health care organisations.

EHMA Webinar: Hand Hygiene Compliance, 2nd round

The second round of webinars on the safe clinical practices took place on 9 May 2014. The event aimed to provide a comprehensive and dynamic discussion about the interventions to increase the hand hygiene compliance safe clinical practice. Around thirty healthcare professionals from six countries took part in the webinar, a genuine opportunity for sharing experiences and good practices from across Europe.


This project has received funding from the Executive Agency for Health and Consumer as part of the Health Programme 2008-2013.
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