As the ageing population and health workforce puts increasing pressure on nursing and care skills, delivery and training, EU Sector Councils (ESC) are a vital opportunity to accelerate knowledge development, supporting EU 2020 ambitions on employment and growth. This workforce needs to rapidly accommodate changes in the delivery of care associated with shifts to community based provision, use of technologies, higher consumer expectations, new health threats and rising costs.


The initiave analysed the feasibility of establishing a European Sector Council on Employment and Skills for Nursing and the associated Care Workforce. The goal was to test the feasibility for the foundations and the need for a future EU Sector Council, including developing consensus on the scope, activities and mandate of the Sector Council, and engaging with the relevant stakeholders, particularly the social partners.

EHMA’s role in the project

EHMA was responsible for the stakeholder mapping and analysis which needed to ensure that the relevant stakeholders and national or transnational sectoral bodies were identified as early as possible within the study, establishing their willingness to participate in the feasibility study and contribute their views on the development of an ESC.

   This action has been supported by the European Commission under the New Skills for New Jobs initiative under Grant Agreement No VS/2011/0541
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