How to Deliver Integrated Care – A Guidebook for Managers

A new book that focuses on the practical challenges of implementing integrated care

A blog post by Axel Kaehne and Henk Nies

Integration remains one of the most difficult things to achieve in health and social care. However, it has also never been more urgent than today given the unprecedented challenges to collaborate when delivering high-quality care to patients. As health and social care systems are buckling under the COVID-19 pandemic, health managers should not lose sight of the long term strategic requirements to create resilient, integrated care systems which stand the test of time. As the pandemic has shown, innovation will remain at the heart of delivering patient-centred high-quality care.

Integration will undoubtedly play an important part in creating these flexible and adaptable care systems of the future. Yet, for far too long, the literature on health and social care integration has produced mainly conceptual and theoretical insights which are of limited use to practitioners on the frontline. Our book, that is part of the EHMA Series European Health Management in Transition, changes that.

The book contains 9 chapters which guide health care managers, service directors and commissioners through the difficulties of bringing about integrated care systems. We assembled an impressive international cast of authors, many of them EHMA members, to produce chapters on how to implement integrated care, how to evaluate it, as well as what type of leadership, values and social behaviours are underpinning successful attempts to create care integration.

For the first time, our book also provides a key chapter on how to finance integrated care, which provides an important overview about practical funding solutions and links them to patient-centred integrated care efforts. This book is essential reading for everyone interested in implementing integrated care solutions for patients.

Axel Kaehne and Henk Nies

Axel Kaehne and Henk Nies (eds) (2021). How to Deliver Integrated Care. A Guidebook for Managers. European Health Management in Transition Series. Emerald Publishing: Bingley.

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